2020 The year of writing

I write for God.

I am not perfect at it, but I love the journey.

2019 taught me how to step out.

How to walk in confidence and not be ashamed of my past.

2019 taught me the precious gift of time and the joy of writing.

2019 taught me to be me. To live in the moment and to take in great lessons from the past.

2019 was a year of freedom and transition.

I didn’t know at first what to do with my writing. I even noticed that some people weren’t excited as I was about it.

I also found out that it’s okay to love my journey and to know my calling.

It’s a mighty gift.

I also realized that this journey isn’t for everyone.

God showed me in 2019 other women of God who love writing.

Who enjoy the adventure and the conflict of diving into truth. Who admire process and love God with passion.

I am so glad God picked me for this adventure.

I am so glad God told me to do something new and exciting for Christ.

2019 taught me to be me and to not fall into the trap of comparison.

Especially when I write.

I pray that you would look at 2019 and do these 3 things.

1. Take hold of the lessons you learned. The lessons God taught you in your writing and also the lessons of faith.

2. Take a step back and take hold of a new strength. Not your own, but the strength of the Lord.

3. Write with no fear. Sometimes, we want to be perfect. Write! Ask God to lead you and just write.

I pray 2019 taught you a few things.

Comment below…

I would love to hear what you learned in 2019.

What did God teach you in the area of your writing and life? (Comment below)

2020 is now here. Make new memories. Try new things and have fun. God bless you!


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Published by shewrites4thelord

You can call me St.Rose. This has been a long journey, but thank God for the process. This ministry and blog site is focused on helping women of God come out of a place of fear to a place of expectancy with their writing. To write without fear and to walk in the new assignments God has for them. Share and thank you for following. God bless you.

3 thoughts on “2020 The year of writing

  1. Hi, thank you for your post. I started writing my blog in the summer after having thought about it a year or do before that and putting it off. I enjoy writing and have been glad to use it in some way to point others to Jesus. Writing is something I have always turned to in my life to express deeper feelings, to explore thoughts and to communicate with others. In many ways it’s easier for me to write than to talk! If I have an idea it flows easily as I write and fairly quickly. If I need to talk to someone about something difficult, I generally turn to writing to begin with.
    On the negative side, it is hard sometimes to feel that I’ve written something well yet no-one has “liked” it. I’m glad all that wasn’t around when I was growing up because it would have really got to me!
    Thank you for your words of encouragement, x.

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    1. Hello! Yes I agree with you I was doing the same thing. I kept putting my writing off. Praise God for your wisdom. I enjoy writing as well. Yes, please keep writing. God sees all we do. Sometimes, we think it’s small, but God knows what we carry. Stay encouraged. Keep stepping out and seeking God. Thank you for taking time to comment. I love hearing from other women who love to write. God bless you. Oh and yes I am the same way. When I write everything comes out easier. It just flows. God bless you on your gift. Enjoy 2020


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