The Big Fat Liar

I remember sitting down by my computer a few months ago.

I remember asking the Lord for strength.

Someone might say by looking at my face that what I was facing was easy. I didn’t need strength from the Lord. If I had to tell anyone anything I would…tell them right back, that if they knew the path I had to walk on….

They wouldn’t want to walk it.

God makes everything look easy.

His grace gives even the hardest situations beauty.

My story is filled with so many tears and also loads of smiles. I wish I could wrap my story up in one paragraph, but I decided that I would share it piece by piece. I want to tell you about the devil. He is a liar. He has tried to lie to me for 30 years of my life, but I finally called him bluff a few years ago. The day I gave me life to Christ changed me and the day I put my foot down to rededicate myself to Christ made me.

I realized he was a wolf hidden in sheep’s clothing.

I honestly don’t want to give the enemy power, but I honestly have to encourage every single woman of God who wants to write. Some of you have amazing work and you keep it hidden. Some of you have amazing lyrics or even journal pieces and you keep it hidden. I have to expose him and tell women of God the truth.

I want you to pull out your work. Pull out your story and if you haven’t written it down yet, please do.

The enemy wants to walk around like a big bad wolf. I always say a wolf with no teeth. A wolf with slick words and a slick tongue. I used to think I knew it all, but as I have gotten older, I realized that the son was missing in my life. I needed a Savior. I want to encourage you to get up in this season. To look at your life and realize that the enemy could be lying to you as well.

Lying to you about your life.

Lying to you about your dreams.

Lying to you about your identity.

Lying to you about your writing gift.

He could be saying you won’t ever make it.

God doesn’t love you.

You need to give up!

I want you to fill your life back up with the word of God.

I want you to go back to your first love and remember the word of God.

I want you to speak the word of God and write the word of God.

For it holds power.

Power to break down every lie of the enemy.

I had to get my power back.

I had to get my hope back.

I had to let go of what people thought of me.

I even had to let go of every odd and wrong thought …I had about myself.

I had to tell that devil to get out of my life.

I see now like never before that my gift intimated him.

I will never make it to some perfect point because I am always learning, but I do know I can take on anything with God.

I will make it and my Savior said so….


My writing isn’t for a stage. My writing will take me where God wants it to take me. I promised him I wouldn’t let my pride get in the way. I would always learn from Christ and learn from the people God wants me to learn from.

I pray that you would take hold of your heart again and live again.

Write again and breathe again.

I pray that you would be bold enough to break down what is the truth and what is a lie.

Here is a prayer to help you break free from the lies of the enemy.


I ask you to open my heart up again. Open me up to you truth and your wisdom. No one has seen the walk I had to go down. It wrapped me in tears and yet I was sitting in the palm of your hands. I was wrapped in love, but the arrows from the world tried to crush my soul. I see now that you love me like never before. I will never make it to a perfect point because I am going through a process, but I can learn from you. I can learn from your word. I can go where you want me to go. I ask you to give me wisdom that no one has ever seen and I ask that you would allow me to follow your voice. The voice of a stranger I will not follow. You tell me not to follow it in John 10:5. I ask that you would give me courage to take hold of what you promised me. I ask that you would help me have the full armor of God on daily. I ask that you would help me put it on and lead me down the road that you have called me to walk down. No one can walk this road with me, but you. Let me fill my heart and mind with your word. Clear out every lie of the enemy and let me know when he is lying. Let me not listen, but resist. Let me come against him only with the word of God. When I speak your word he must flee. Let me be full of courage and let me fulfill the calling you have for my life. Let me take one day at a time. In the mighty powerful name of Jesus Christ. AMEN!

Remember that the truth of GOD is real and not fake. The truth of God is more powerful and nothing can prosper against it.

Hebrews 4:12 NIV

For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.


Published by shewrites4thelord

You can call me St.Rose. This has been a long journey, but thank God for the process. This ministry and blog site is focused on helping women of God come out of a place of fear to a place of expectancy with their writing. To write without fear and to walk in the new assignments God has for them. Share and thank you for following. God bless you.

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