The Moment I Almost Gave Up..

Never Give Up…

There was a season in my life where I just stopped writing for a while. I just felt tired and weary. I knew God was calling me to write, but I just was tired. I didn’t know really what to do next. I had to really take time out to rest. I am not talking about regular rest.

I am talking about soaking with God and sitting with God without constantly asking him questions. I wanted God to answer me every second and I realized during this season of rest that God wanted me to just trust him. There is nothing wrong with asking God questions, but sometimes we need to just surrender. We don’t have to worry about every single thing. We don’t have to know every detail and sometimes we want every detail to the point.

This can be fustrating, but God wants you to just sit with him and learn from him. Think about this….

If we keep asking God constant questions we can miss out on what he is trying to tell us. Imagine this….

What if you try to talking to a friend and they just keep asking questions. They don’t listen and just ask questions. After an hour or so you would most likely get fustrated or feel like they don’t care.

God is your best friend, so why would you ask him so many questions and not listen? God loves you and he wants you to listen more. He wants you to stop leaning on your own strength and lean into him.

Friends listen. True friends listen well. I learned during this season to work on listening to God more. He wants you to listen to him more.

How can you find direction or even guidance when you keep trying to talk over God? When you write for the Lord you must write and listen. He will bring downloads of wisdom when you listen and have a heart to recieve. I remember being so fustrated with the Lord. I used to wonder why he wasn’t giving me more information on my writing gift and not given me new ideas. This season was a very dry season. I would look at my work on my computer and not care. It was like I felt defeated. Have you felt like this or are you feeling like this???

I knew I had to do something. I had to stop trying to rush my writing ideas and my creativity. It felt like it was stuck. It was just stuck. I didn’t know if I was stuck or was God stuck?

I knew God wasn’t stuck, but I was just so confused. I took time to regroup and just have fun. Sometimes, we can try to do so much in our own strength and we miss the point. God wants to pour his strength within us, but if we do stuff without him we will face burn out. We will get to the end of ourselves. God wants us to get to him. Get to him for strength. Get to him for power. Get to God for wisdom and glory.

Get to your real feelings. If you feel weary tell God and be real about. He isn’t afraid of you or how you feel. Open up and fast if you need to fast.

Be real.

Be open.

Be true.

If you feel weary and feel stuck. Like I said before take a step back. Go find something that sparks your interest and can bring a new level of refreshment in your writing. Don’t try to rush or try to force your writing to flow. Take a step back. This will help you so much.

God bless you!

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Who Are You Writing For?

Have you asked yourself in this season …

Who am I writing for? Who am I writing for?

You need to think about this statement and reflect on it. Sometimes, we can forget the purpose of writing or what the mission is. Sometimes, we want people to like what we write. We want friends or even family members to like what we write, but do you like what you write?

Do you know why you are writing?

I know you might think you don’t have to ask yourself these questions, but honestly you do. When you write you must constantly ask yourself each of the questions below and you need to be honest with yourself. God wants each of his children to think big, but we also must start at the beginning. Sometimes, we can be so quick to want to push an idea or plan out and we forget the purpose behind it all.

You may know the ultimate purpose is to honor God and to keep God first, but do you really believe that. Do you believe that God has given you everything you need to go where you need to go with this gift?

I honestly remember a few years ago asking myself these questions. I didn’t really even know if this was a calling or a hobby? I used to wonder what God would do with the gift he has given me. I didn’t know and honestly I am still a work in progress. I know now that God is working in me and through me. It took me years to believe it. It may not take you a long time, but I think it took me a long time because I wanted to know every single detail about my destiny. I was in the process of learning to trust God in a new way and I felt I needed to be in control.

I just want you to know that God can take your questions. He can take your doubts and he can show you the real purpose behind your gift. Don’t try to go through this journey trying to make God do what you want him to do with this gift. Fall into his purpose.

Each key point below will help you reflect:

You can ask the Lord in your quiet time each of these questions. I believe you want to think about this and make sure you spend more time with God. In order to know what to do with your gift you will have to spend time with the one who gave you this gift. God isn’t afraid of your questions. ASK AWAY…

  1. God why did you give me this gift?
  2. God help me look beyond what I can get and look at you for purpose.
  3. Lord open my heart up to your will for my life.
  4. Take hold of my writing father God and help me not rush the process.
  5. Thank you Lord for this beautiful gift.
  6. Let me look beyond my imperfections father God and look at your power.
  7. What direction should I go into with my writing?
  8. Let me not compare myself father God. Teach me to look at my unique gift with joy.
  9. You see me Lord and I know that you will continue to work with me.
  10. God remove any fear or worry from my spirit.

In Jesus Christ Name Amen!!!!!!

I pray that each question will help you and guide you. Some of the key points aren’t questions, but it can get you to think about some of the questions you can ask God.

I believe good communication with the Lord is the key to your writing gift.

You must daily work on your relationship with God and know he wants to answer you. He wants to be apart of all that you do. Don’t fear the process and don’t fear God in a bad way. Fear God with truth and joy.

Just know that when you write for the Lord you will have to go through a deep journey. Embrace it and keep working on asking God questions. Keep allowing God to challenge you and teach you.

Learning is the key and growth is the key.

Finding joy with your writing with the Lord is the most beautiful thing. Don’t let it go. Keep searching and keep going deeper with the Lord.

If you feel like you are drifting and falling into a place of wanting the approve of people over God.

Just take a step back.

Take a step back and take hold of God.

People and circumstances can change, but God won’t change.

You have to take hold of this like never before.

-Hanah St.Rose

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Glory of God- Fall Upon My Writing

There is so much God wants to teach his wonderful women of God. I think sometimes we try to rush the writing process. We overthink and we try to figure it all out. The moment I just let go of how I think I needed to do things that’s when I started to notice God really speaking to me. Honestly, I think God was always speaking to me, but I may have gotten a bit impatient. I want you to know that we all have different seasons that can cause us to doubt the living God. This doesn’t make you a bad person. This makes you human dear one. This makes you alive. This makes you a women of God with passion and someone who wants to follow God. I don’t want you to think that God can’t use you. He is using you and he will continue. God is always working. He never sleeps women of God.

Psalm 121:4 NLT- Indeed, he who watches over Israel never slumbers or sleeps.

He is always working things out for us and honestly there is so much beauty in this. I remember sitting up talking to God in my bed about all of my writing ideas. I used to tell God why don’t you just hurry and do this thing!

Now I sit back and realize why God didn’t launch me when he did.

There is a method in his work and a powerful reasoning behind why God does what he does. Now I can’t explain the thoughts of God, but I can go to his word. I started to go to his word during my season of working on my writing. I am still working on my writing, but I have realized that God wants to be in it all. He wants to help you with your your writing. He doesn’t want you to write by yourself. He wants to show you a new side of himself. It’s up to you to want to give it to him.

Sometimes, we think we can do stuff without God. We may not mean to do it on purpose, but we still think we know better than the living God.

How crazy is that?


I want you to know we all have doubts. We all have moments of trying to do stuff alone or trying to figure stuff out without God. We all think we can rush past the timing of the Lord. I want you to take a step back and sit with the Lord. Take a step back in this season and really see what God is calling you to do with your work.

You may feel like you have so many ideas, but what is that one writing idea that you can’t let go of?

What is that one writing idea that you know without no doubt that God gave you?

What are you going to do with it?

What are you and God going to do with it?

Don’t you dare let your writing gift die.

Did you know God wants to resurrect that idea? Did you know that he gave you this amazing gift? You don’t have to be overwhelmed. There is also many tools and articles online to help you.

Dare to continue to step up and grab tight to the hand of God.

I look back on my own personal writing journey and I remember sitting with my ideas in front of my computer. I remember whispering to God about my life and my purpose. I asked God all of these things…below*

Why in the world did you give me this task…? How am I supposed to do this? Where do I even start? Is this really from you because it seems so much?

I poured out my heart to the Lord and tears fell.

Also, a big smile appeared on my face because I knew what God told me.
Even if it meant I would have to walk hand in hand with him up the mountain of faith with it.

I told God you have to do something crazy and radical with this idea! I knew God called me to help many people. It was simple, but yet I knew it.

I pray that you would take hold of what God told you and grab your work. I pray you would pray over your work. I pray that you would cry and worship if you have to. I pray that you would talk to God in a powerful way. I pray that your worship would hit the ears of God and he would sing sweet songs to you! I pray that you would go deeper into your writing and you wouldn’t let negative situations stop you.

Dare to let his glory fall upon you.

Dare to take hold of your writing and to never look back.

Dare to smile again and dare to have great faith.

God has it all planned out.

Just follow him.

Here is a prayer I wrote below to help you.

My God how beautiful you are. I ask that you would give me strength to keep going. I pray that the words I write would help this world. I pray that the words I write would help this nation. Heal me from the inside out, so I can help and heal your people. Let my eyes walk with holy fire and let me see from your perspective. Let your love flow through my heart and let me communicate with you every single day. Let me have a new level of compassion for the broken and the wounded. Let me never ever think that I am better than anyone else. Let my soul be strengthened. I may have to walk this journey without someone every second by my side, but I know you are by my side. I pray that the words I write would come only from you. Let every hindrance come to a stop now in the name of Jesus Christ. Let your words flow within me like pure gold. Let your words flow through me like fire! God let endurance come upon me now. Let wisdom come upon me now. Let me not follow anyone else, but you. Let me draw closer to you, as I work on my writing. Let me not give up even when discouragement tries to hit my life. Let me daily lift up the shield of faith. Cover my mind with the blood of Jesus Christ and cover every ounce of me with the blood of Jesus Christ. Let me write with power. Let me write now with grace! Let me write now with joy! Let me write with healing in my words! Let me get on my knees and daily surrender all. I receive all you have for me, so I can help everyone around me. Lord let my words go where you want them to go. Let it not be stopped! Let me write only with the word of God. Let the word of God go into my writing and let people who read my work see you all in it! Let testimony after testimony come from my writing! Let nations be healed! Let families be healed! Let this world be healed by what I write! Let even enemies come and fall to the name of Jesus! Let your will be done Lord! In Jesus Christ name amen!!!!!!!

God bless you wonderful women of God!!!!!

-Hanah St.Rose

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It’s time…….

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Wisdom From Heaven..

I used to take the wisdom of God for granted. Now I see how valuable the wisdom of God is and how it’s needed. When I wake up I am now seeing that I need the help of God and I need his great wisdom.

I need it and I must take the wisdom of God seriously.

You need wisdom to move and learn.

You need wisdom to understand what to do and what not to do.

You need wisdom and you can’t take on this wordly wisdom. You need the wisdom of the living God.

We must know that God is all wisdom. In his presence we can find all wisdom. In his presence we can find everything we need. This scripture below always brings me back into the proper perspective. Please know that God knows all and can give you anything you need. When you have the wisdom of God you can take on anything.

This scripture below reminds me of how powerful God is and how he is everywhere. We can call on him and he knows all things. We don’t have to fear his wisdom. We can ask for it and we can recieve it.

Am I only a God nearby,’ declares the Lord, ‘and not a God far away? Can anyone hide in secret places so that I cannot see him’ declares the Lord. ‘Do not I fill heaven and earth?’ declares the Lord”Jeremiah 23:23-24

Wisdom without God is like trying to drive a plane without gas.

Wisdom is needed for women of God who write. Wisdom from God is critical. You can’t write the way God really wants you to write without the Lord Almighty God.

Wisdom will elevate you at the proper time. The time of elevation. The appointed time…

God will provide revelation and sometimes you don’t have to ask for it. God has spoken to me about the most amazing revelations and I really didn’t ask specifically for it.

You can ask, but I know God wants you to be open to surprises…

I do believe in the seasons of waiting, God was doing a work in me. God wanted me to go deeper and I honestly believe he wants YOU to go deeper. Revelation from the Lord is a treasure.

Just ask God to go deeper into him.

Are you asking God for wisdom? Are you taking steps to get the wisdom of God?

All you have to do is ask. This scripture states it…

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.
James 1:5 ESV

God will give you the wisdom you need generously. God will give you the wisdom you need without any hesitation. Can you stop questioning God and just ask.

When I write sometimes I have no idea what to do, but the moment I ask God……

God helps immediately…..!

I see a change in my heart and mind. I see a change in my thinking. I see a change in my creative thinking. Don’t you want this change???

God can do it.

God is waiting for you to ask.

Please ask….

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My Peace Is Only Found In Christ…

My church had a young adult conference.

The theme of the conference was…Peace is Power.

I usually go and I am so happy I went to the conference recently. God was really speaking about peace and finding the peace of God in the middle of a storm. I am learning so much about this and I am learning about who God is. He isn’t moved by storms or heavy situations.

I always wanted to have a supernatural strong relationship with the living God. I wanted to see God in the storm. I always wanted to have such a deep relationship with God that even when storms come I still have this unshakeable peace. I also told God I wanted to tell other women who write for God that they can have this same peace as well.

I believe this is why I feel called to write for God and be a messenger for him. Especially, with this powerful journey.

I used to look for peace through people and I used to look for peace through my circumstances. I see now why God had to allow certain storms in my life. I see now why the storms in my life were allowed. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the tests and trials that God allowed. I think every writer must go through tests and trials.

You have to ask yourself this…..

How will I grow if I don’t go through anything?

Peace from God is a powerful gift.

You have to know that true peace can’t be found in people. People change and life changes so quickly. You have to know God is stable. He is stable and he can deal with anything.

Let God in.

Let the peace of God surround you.

Sometimes, when we write we want to be perfect. We want to meet deadlines and we want everything right. We have to understand we are a work in progress. We have to let the progress and process continue. We have to allow peace to come into every ounce of us. I remember a few years ago I was working on my ideas with my writing. I was so fustrated because I felt God wasn’t moving fast enough. I was trying to pick stuff off of the ground, but it wasn’t time. I had to really call out to God in this season for peace.

Can you relate?

Can you ask God for peace during your writing season?

Can you wait on the timing of God?

Can you finally realize that your peace isn’t found in people, but Christ?

Will you choose to go into this next season with peace or will you keep running around looking for it?

Peace without God is impossible to have. You will be running around for the rest of your life looking for it. You have to let God show you what peace really looks like.

This scripture below is my favorite on peace. It brings me back to a place of saftey with the Lord and a place of power. It reminds me that he is really in control and that I am protected by him.

I used to think trying to have a certain title or status will bring peace. I am always humble, but there were times in my past were I thought I needed to be further along. You might feel the same now. You might feel like if I did this or if I did that maybe I could have been in a different place in my life. God really worked on my heart about having peace and understanding my purpose. My purpose and your purpose isn’t tied to people. Your purpose and my purpose is unique.

When we finally understand who we are in Christ. I think that God can work within us powerfully. Peace can flow through when we put no emotional or spiritual barriers in the way. Peace is connected to so much within us. When we are connected to Christ who is peace…we can do so much for God. We will know who we serve. We can laugh and walk in deep freedom. We can think clearly and work creatively. Peace is connected to so much, but you have to hold tight to it and not let it go.

You may wonder how in the world can I stay in the peace of Christ?

How in the world do I stay peaceful when so much is going on?

Here are a few points to help you:

1. Stop trying to find peace in people. People are people. They are HUMAsN. You have to show grace and also know that people can never be God.

2. Find scriptures on peace. Before I work on any writing projects. I have to spend time and sit with the Lord. His presence brings peace and understanding. I have tried many times to write without spending time with God. Let’s say that didn’t work out well. I would feel very discouraged quickly and exhausted. Let God fill you up.

3. Stop comparing. Peace and comparision will not go together. You have to remind yourself daily about your talent and who you are. Comparison will bring tension. Comparsion will bring fustration.

4. Stop worrying so much. Choose to focus on the promises of God. I hate the cycle of worry. I notice when I worry I go into this cycle and my peace runs out the door. You might feel the same about worrying. When you hear that first worry thought try to creep in. You must stop it quickly with the word of God. Worry wants to bust into your heart and snatch your peace.

This is your peace!!!!

You must hold tight to it and not let anything have it. Don’t give it away.

Take hold of each point and create your own points. Create points to help you and guide you. God bless you.

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Spiritual Warfare & The Writer

I just figured out that I was trying to do this by myself. I was trying to do this gift without the Lord. There comes a point in your writing journey where you have to let God in. You can’t do it alone….

I can’t say God is in it and still try to control this whole journey.

In order to grow deeper and understand this gift. I will have to be a learner and let go of pride.

We all have to let pride go.

Pride can become your god if you let it.

Every single time I think of the battle of pride. I think of this scripture.

Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.
Proverbs 16:18 AMPC

This scripture always comes to mind when I think of pride.

You can’t fight and battle God. If you believe in the Lord and know he is with you. Why are you doubting him? I honestly believe the flesh within us wants to be in control. God has made all things and he has made us. Why do we doubt the Lord so easily when he has done so much for us? Why do we allow spiritual warfare to do so much damage to us or even the calling that God has given us?

We have to realize now like never before that spiritual warfare comes, but God has given us the ability to war against it. We have the strength and tools to combat it. We will always be successful when we use the word of God against every enemy and stronghold.

We know exactly what to do when spiritual warfare comes because the Bible states what to do. This is why as a writer you must constantly read the word of God. You must constantly have deep communication with the Lord. This is how you move. This is how you grow. This will help you know what to do. Spiritual warfare comes to us all. We aren’t immuned. We must understand this. Sometimes, we think when we have gifts or if we are called by God …that nothing can happen to us.


We are children of God and we must understand that pain comes to us all. Trials come to us all. If we don’t open up to the trial it will defeat us. If we don’t open up to God and ask God for strategy we can get defeated in the middle of a battle. We must understand that every battle we face can turn into a story. It can turn into a testimony.

We must not come into this journey with a defeated mindset. We must come and embrace this writing gift with a mind full of strength. We must take hold of this writing gift with the mind of Christ and a sound mind.

This is another scripture that you can meditate on before you write or even when you write.

2 Timothy 1:7

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control.
2 Timothy 1:7 AMPC

God has given you a sound mind and you must take hold of your mind every single day.

Here are a few tips to help you deal with spiritual warfare:

1. Sometimes, when we go through this writing season we can get highly discouraged. I had times where I literally felt so much spiritual warfare God had to send me comfort. Deep comfort to help me keep going. I had to literally every single day declare the word of God over myself and press in even when I felt so weary. I want you to do the same. I want you to press in with the word of God and move past your feelings.

2. When rejection comes because it will. You must know what God put in you. You must write down the promises of God and keep it daily around you because the enemy will try to whisper. You must come against him with the word of God. Rejection can also be a learning time. Don’t just sit and be sad when your work doesn’t automatically get accepted or if your book takes time to get sales. Just trust God and know things time time.

3. I have seen things change in my character, as I went on this writing journey. I saw some good character traits, but I also saw some bad character traits within me. I want you to look at yourself. Ask God to examine your heart and your motive. Sometimes, we don’t write for the right reasons. Take a good look at yourself.

4. Weary seasons. When you write you will go through valley seasons and wilderness seasons. Sometimes each season is so long. Don’t despise it. Also, pay attention to what God is telling you. Pay attention to who you share your writing ideas with. Every person you know doesn’t need to know what you are doing. Also, sometimes there is just a specific time to tell other people. You must daily refocus and ask God about each season you are in. When weariness tries to come upon you don’t just sit in it. Put on the daily armor of God and worship through it. Don’t stop writing. Worship and praise through it.

5. A thankful heart can take you above the spiritual warfare that’s trying to take you out. A thankful heart and mind will always win. Don’t focus on the negative. Focus on the word of God and just do your best. God will continue to guide you and equip you. A thankful heart causes the enemy to flee. The enemy is afraid of a woman of God who knows who has her back and knows who she is in Christ. — Remember this🎀❤🔥

I pray that you would walk in your purpose and never let go of the word of God. Spiritual warfare will try to stop a writer, but it will never prosper. God bless you.

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Forgive Woman of God

Bittnerness and anger not resolved can cause you to move away from your overall mission. God doesn’t want you to hold in stuff from your past.

You may think what does this have to do with my writing?

It has everything to do with writing. Each scripture below has helped me in my own path of healing and forgiveness.

  • Jeremiah 17:14: Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise.
  • Jeremiah 30:17: For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord.
  • Mark 9:23: Jesus said to them, “I will ask you one question, and you answer Me, and then I will tell you by what authority I do these things.
  • MARK 11:29 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst. believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

When you don’t start walking in wholeness you won’t be able to walk in the freedom you need. Writing can bring healing to your soul. Writing can bring resolvement to your whole being. If you allow it. If you let go and release the pain you have experienced. You will eventually see the manifestation of your healing. You must cling to Jesus Christ and not let him go.

Have you noticed that when you write healing and peace comes?…

What a powerful gift!

I remember a time in my life where all I did was write in my journal. I couldn’t stop and wouldn’t stop. I would write out my feelings and scripture verses. I even remember the Lord showing me and reminding me recently of all of the scripture verses I had written. I want you to know the Lord has seen your pain. The injustice and the unfair situations. He has seen people make fun of your love for God and even try to criticize you for wanting to go after your dreams. It may be subtle, but God has seen.

God has seen the insecurity you have faced as a child or even teen. God has seen the tears you cried when family or even so called friends tried to kick you to the curb. The Lord has seen it all and he is causing healing to arise within you. Don’t be so quick to let go or abandon your story of victory. This story is from God and it’s all coming together. Don’t fret and let all the pain you have experienced become a tool to set other women free!

Bitterness if not dealt with will cause you to remain stuck and weary. God wants to set you free and writing can be a tool to do just that.

Tips to help you write with a heart full of forgivness:

1. Forgive those who have hurt you.

2. Move on and ask God to help you heal from past wounds. Even if it hurts at first you must ask the Lord to help you heal. No one else can help you heal.

3. Write out what is bothering you. This always helps me. If I can’t talk with the person I will write it out. I will pray with God and talk with God about the deep feelings I am facing.

4. Think about this… The pain is temporary. Every season is temporary. We must know this. This helps us with change and growth.

5. Rejoice and laugh more. This is the key to success. Seeing life with a joyful heart.

6. Forgive yourself.

7. Write a letter or words of encouragement to yourself. This is so useful. I have loads of journals of encouragement to myself.

8. Be at peace.

9. Read the word of God and meditate on healing scriptures.

10. Love always, but don’t let life get you down. Let the love of Christ be your weapon.



Write Out How You Feel….

There were times in my life where I didn’t know what to write about. I would always want to write with perfection. Now I just pray and write. No it’s not always perfect, but it soothes me.

Do you write out of perfection or out of truth? Don’t try to be perfect. Just write and release.

Here are a few tips to help you write with freedom.

1. Find a spot where peace flows easily to you. I created a prayer closet in my closet.

2. Let go of some of the issues you are dealing with. Walk in wholeness and call out to God to make you whole.

3. Learn to go with the flow sometimes. You won’t always have time and you won’t always have something to write about. Sometimes, you may even have to sit for hours waiting for a God idea. There is nothing wrong with this. There are many women who love to write and they don’t rush.

4. Write out your testimony and save it somewhere. I had times in my life where I had to write my testimony out and it helped me so much.

5. Learn to laugh more. Learn to rejoice because the flow of God can come when you are in the state of joy.

6. Get around other women who write for God. Even if it’s online or some type of course. Also, I have seen free resources and webinars online. Search and pray. Get new wisdom and don’t be afraid. Learning with God will always bring new refreshment and freedom. Check out writing conferences.

7. If you don’t have a journal or a book to write in, please take time to get one. You can go to Walmart or you can go to the dollar store. There is always a way. You don’t always have to show people what you write.

8. Rest and don’t feel guilty. I have talked with many women who love to write and they feel stuck. They feel hopeless and they feel exhausted. I strongly suggest take time out each day to sit with the Lord and call out to him for strength. Also, I strongly suggest that you rest and sit down. Stop running around doing so much stuff because this can break you down emotionally and physically.

9. Stop caring so much about what people think of you. This can stop you from hearing or following what God told you to do with your writing.

10. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Stop limiting yourself.

I pray that these scripture verse would help you and guide you into a new level of freedom with your writing.

For we are His workmanship [His own master work, a work of art], created in Christ Jesus [reborn from above—spiritually transformed, renewed, ready to be used] for good works, which God prepared [for us] beforehand [taking paths which He set], so that we would walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us].


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Write Now and Stop Waiting for Approval

Stop waiting for the approval of man. Write and write with power.

Your pen matters to the kingdom of God.

Stop waiting for people to approve you.

I was sitting up early in the morning and realized that some of us are not working on the things God told us to do….because we are waiting for people to approve us. We are waiting for some type of approval or for people to like what we do.

So…if they don’t like it….

It doesn’t matter?

No it does matter.

God cares so much for each of us and he cares about what we do for him. Some of us have to go deeper and get to the root of some of the reasons why we don’t work on some of the talents God has given us. It could be because of past rejection. It could be because we are seeking approval.

I am saying this to wake the creative people up.

Just because people don’t like what God has called you to do. Doesn’t mean something is wrong with it or even you. God can tell you to do something that is unique and people may not like it.

God over man any day!

Please stop trying to look to people for the approval you seek because you are already approved. Seek the Lord in every task and he will align the right people to you.

He will bring the right readers and divine connections to you. Will you finally trust and wait?

Also, please don’t just write. Look back and pick up some of the other talents you have let go. God can resurrect your talents and gifts. He can do anything. Set your mind on God and what he has called you to do and don’t look back. Even if you feel like things in your life are getting heavy. Sometimes, we look for the approval of man over God because we think it’s easier. We can get weary waiting on the Lord. We can get weary waiting for the manifestation, but sometimes we can think waiting on people is easier. We can see people, but we can’t see God. We can have difficulty believing the word of God when trials keep coming. I want to encourage you that people can never be compared to God. God will use people to bless you, but God is above all. God is above every person and circumstance. Can you press into God and seek his approval?

He has been faithful during other testing times, so why wouldn’t he be faithful now?

You might be wondering how do I trust God and seek his approval more?

How do I write and not be so focused on how people respond to what I write?

You might wonder how do I even start doing this or how do I refocus on the Lord?

Honestly, it may seem like having a writing gift is work, but you have to renew your mind. You have to look at this gift as a treasure and not a burden. You have to set your mind on the things of God and choose to set your mind. In order to refocus you will have to choose to refocus. You have to have faith and understand that God gave you this calling before you were even born. Sometimes, we think it’s easier to trust people, but a true faith walk will be tested. Just know through Christ you can pass any test. Use the word of God as a tool to conquer. If it’s hard to focus on God during your writing journey just take time out of your day to refocus. I have realized that when I just refocus and rest. I see a huge difference in my writing and also my mindset. Also, in order to seek God first instead of the approval of man you will have to let go of self and give God your all.

When you do this you will see an explosion of freedom and truth sustain you.

This scripture below always helps me. I pray that it will help you focus and keep your mind on the things of the Lord.

Am I now trying to win the favor and approval of men, or of God? Or am I seeking to please someone? If I were still trying to be popular with men, I would not be a bond-servant of Christ.

If you remind yourself daily that everything you do is for God. You will see change and growth.

God bless you and keep being creative.

Please know that your gifts matter to the kingdom of God.


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